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Machine construction industry

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Main and subsidiary building industry

Welcome to Abocon!

We offer you an industry-independent platform for conducting tenders and purchasing auctions. easyRFX is the direct entry into eSourcing with minimum costs and minimum training time. More information here.

We also offer a range of ready-made weaving systems or develop directly to your specifications. We are industry-independent and offer you everything you need to successfully implement the business processes of a procurement solution. We are also happy to expand our systems according to your ideas. Just contact us - we will help you!


Testimonials from customers:

"On behalf of Vattenfall and my colleagues we would like to thank you for the professional, highly efficient, successful and smooth handling of our joint award during the past week!!!!! The great result also bears your name - thank you for that!"

(Mark Heise, Category Manager Sourcing Heat Grid,Vattenfall Europe Business Services GmbH)

"In the last one and a half years we have organized about 500 events with Abocon. The cooperation was always highly effective and successful, especially when it came to negotiation strategy, auction preparation and support during the events. Regardless of whether it was usual market requirements or special requirements, clear successes were achieved at all events. Above all, the ongoing active design of the auction tool and bid screens contributed to the success of the negotiations".

(Beate Betz, Principles of Procurement, Strategy and Projects Procurement, Deutsche Bahn AG)