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Case Study 2

IT Consulting

A leading logistic enterprise called for proposals of external consulting services including junior consultants as well as highly skilled specialists. More than 30 IT service providers participated in the electronic tender with a volume of 1 billion €. After several bidding rounds a previously determined number of service providers had been selected. A combination of technical quality and commercial evaluation had been considered as a key feature.

  • Suppliers had to insert the level of the bidding and had to confirm the agreements
  • Invitation of the suppliers by email
  • No supplier training necessary; only a dry run for all bidders which consisted of a test run of a short version of the event
  • Several bidding rounds over two days
  • Six prolongations (each lasts 5 minutes) in case of a bid within the last 5 minutes of the event

After this successful call for proposals the customer requested a further call for proposals for a cloud consulting project, which also had been successfully conducted.